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In the year 2020 the world was hit with a pandemic – Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Many towns and cities were sent into lockdown to prevent the virus spreading. Children and their parents felt safer staying indoors, which meant no physical contact with anyone outside their household.

It’s time for kids to get creative!

I’ve produced a download to help you pass the time creatively during the many hours spent at home. You can create your own interplanetary antennas. Use your imagination – unleash your creativity and SAVE THE WORLD!

What You Will Need

  • A colour printer connected to your computer/smartphone.
  • White A4 paper or card.
  • A sharp craft knife or scissors.
  • Clear sticky tape or glue.

IMPORTANT: Because cutting tools are required, please ask an adult to help.


  1. Download the nine antenna cut-out designs by CLICKING HERE and unzip the files.
  2. Print your selected design(s) onto;
    1. 300gsm card if your printer can handle this.
    2. or 80/100gsm paper, and glue card to back to stiffen.
    3. If you haven’t got a printer, ask a friend.
  3. Cut out the antenna where indicated.
  4. Very lightly score on the fold marks (not necessary but helps with folding).
  5. Fold at the three points indicated to form a triangle as viewed from above.
  6. Glue/tape the tab marked ‘glue’ in place to form the triangle support.
  7. Viola! You have your interplanetary craft antenna – start communicating!
  8. There is one blank antenna included that you can colour in yourself. Give it a go! Experiment!

Add to your interplanetary craft! Create some fantastic spacecrafts and take a trip into outerspace to help SAVE THE WORLD!
Image courtesy of ClipArtMag.