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Painting rocks and leaving them as a pleasant surprise for strangers to stumble upon is a trend that started in the USA. After seeing a friend’s Facebook post about the craze, Vicki, from Southend, decided to bring it over to this side of the pond.

Love on the Rocks UK now has over 55,000 members from across the United Kingdom, all enthusiastic about finding painted rocks and/or creating smile-inducing designs of their own. The Facebook group encourages ‘Finders’, as they are known, to post photos of their finds to the group, as well as providing a space for other members to share creative tips and inspiration.

Maggy, a local member of the Facebook group, contacted me and asked, “I wondered if you would be interested in making a small space available in the Gallery for the local community to join in with this. I can start it off with some of my own rock and I know there are a few others, adults and children in the area who also decorate rocks, I’m sure they would be happy to contribute too.”

I’ve now made a small table available at the Gallery for any fellow rock artists to leave or swap their own painted rocks.